Experienced Experts in Excavation and Concrete

Excavation and concrete work are handled by Dirtworks, which has ten years of experience and knowledge. Dirtworks is a full-service excavation company that is fully accredited, insured, and bonded. Dirtworks, a company that specializes in water and sewer pipe replacement and sewer rehabilitation, provides emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Dirtworks uses cutting-edge technology to keep your yard in good shape while causing the least amount of harm possible. Dirtworks provides a wide variety of excavation and concrete facilities, including the replacement and removal of concrete and septic systems, the excavation of basements, site preparation for remodels and new construction, and much more. For more details, see our services page.

Great Falls, Montana and a 50-mile radius are proudly served by Dirtworks. Allow Dirtworks to take care of your excavation and concrete needs right now!

Trenchless technology is a form of subsurface construction that uses a minimum of trenches or none at all. It’s a fast-growing segment of the building and civil engineering industries. “A family of methods, materials, and equipment capable of being used for the construction of new or replacement or reconstruction of existing underground infrastructure with minimal disruption to surface traffic, industry, and other activities,” according to the definition. More information can be found on Wikipedia.

Excavation and concrete work are handled by Dirtworks, which has ten years of experience and knowledge. The company is fully accredited, insured, and bonded.

Excavation and concrete work are handled by Dirtworks, which has ten years of experience and knowledge. Fully insured, bonded, and approved.

Dirtworks is an all service excavation company.

We provide a whole host of services to meet all your excavation needs. Services include:

  • Water line replacement and repair
  • Sewer line replacement and repair
  • Trenchless sewer lines
  • Replace and remove concrete
  • Replace septic systems
  • Dig basements
  • Site prep for remodels and new homes
  • Positive drainage
  • Foundations
  • Demolition
  • Concrete demolition
  • Concrete Saw Cutting
  • Asphalt patching
  • Asphalt saw-cutting
  • Concrete staircases
  • Flatwork
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Slab-on-grade
  • Rough and fine grade

Earthmoving and excavation is a dirty job. We get it. That’s why we take the time to ensure that your site stays clean, safe, and free of debris while we work on your project.

Dirtworks has been in business for over 20 years, so you can trust us with any size earthmoving or excavation project you need done. Our team will be there every step of the way to make sure you receive nothing but excellence from start to finish.

You want a company that delivers quality service at an affordable price? Look no further than Dirtworks! We offer competitive rates without compromising our commitment to safety or efficiency – all while treating your property like our own with utmost respect and care. Let us show you how easy it is working with a professional team who cares about getting the job done right the first time around!

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